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Thank you so much for playing at our wedding, and thank you for your sweet note.


All of the music was absolutely perfect. I don't know if you noticed but...I cried all the way down the aisle. Partly because of my dad walking with me, partly because of your beautiful rendition of that Beatles song!! So thanks...I guess....


No just kidding. Thank you so much. You were wonderful. Everyone LOVED the music including the groom who was VERY happy. 




~ Rebecca Kush 

Hi Joe, 

I just wanted to say thanks again for making the book release party such a great success!! People had a great time and continue to buzz about your trio.  Thanks also for being so gracious and allowing David and Laura to sit in with all of you. All the best!

~Sue Schmidt 

Joe,  Just wanted to drop you a note and thank you again for your part in making this such a special evening for my husband and I.   The evening couldn't have been more perfect.  And your jazz ensemble was just the right music for the event, allowing people to mingle and enjoy the evening.  I've received several nice comments about your group, so thank you again and I hope you got to enjoy the evening as well!  All the best! 


~ Cherie

The recording process with Joe for our project 8Cuerdas was a breeze from start to end. He handled every single detail of the process professionally delivering very good results that exceeded our expectations. 


~ Daniel Gaviria

I can’t be happier with the recent recording of my music engineered by Joe Capps. It was a pleasure working with him in the studio session and in the editing process.

Mr. Capps is a professional musician sympathetic with the concerns of recording artists. As a sound engineer his technical command and his very, very keen musical ear allow him to realize the potential of available technology, producing recordings that have clear sound, lively presence and accurate stage depth.

I look forward to future sessions in his studio.

~ Thomas L. Read, composer, violinist and emeritus Professor, University of Vermont. 

Our party last Saturday was so much fun, in no small part because of the music!  We had so many great compliments about the band (even some neighbors at Memorial Hall said so), and your suggestion to move the party outside helped make the evening more enjoyable. It was great working with you, thanks again!

~ Aimee and Ted

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